Department of Forests Management Science

It is one of the most distinctive sections of the Faculty because of its specificity and uniqueness in the nature of its curriculum and its details, where students study in this section an estimated number of courses to enable them to propose and develop scientific and practical plans to keep pace with the environmental changes expelled at the local, regional and global levels, and to establish sustainable forest management methods in the Sudan. The Faculty of Forestry Sciences and Technology, especially the Department of Management Science of Forests, has distinguished itself from other faculties of various Sudanese universities by developing a specialized curriculum in the management of the Nile, irrigated and natural forests, the management of water bodies and the protection of biological diversity, which makes the graduates of this department quite distinctive as forestry professionals and researchers.

- First: The Department aims to prepare frameworks that have
- 1. Comprehensive academic knowledge of forest management of dry and humid environments based on the integrated ecosystem approach of sustainable management and use of technology.
- 2.The ability to manage different ecosystems on a scientific basis
- 3.Capacity to plan, manage and implement activities in the forest sector
- 4.The ability to manage forest resources to be economically and environmentally active at the rural and urban levels.
- 5.The ability to develop the individual capabilities scientifically and administratively in the fields of forestry
- 6.Self-employment capability
- Second: Serving the community and contributing to its development by providing insight into the importance of forests and linking it to the management of forests at different levels and making this partnership one of the main pillars for the conservation and development of forests and the sustainability of their resources and products.


"Uniqueness and excellence in the style of training, qualification and scientific research to achieve sustainable management of forests and natural resources and exploitation of the optimum use to the service of society and the environment."

Department of Forests Management Science


"To effectively contribute to the resolution of the challenges faced by forests and play a positive role in the development of the country by providing qualified and aware cadres of the concept of integrated and sustainable management of natural resources"

Department of Forests Management Science

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