Quality Unit

The unit of quality and self-evaluation was created in accordance with the decision of the University Senate No. 184, which aims to highlight the efforts made by the workers in higher education to raise the level of the educational product (student). The implementation requires a set of standards and specifications by combining the efforts of all the employees in order to achieve the educational objectives. The functions of the quality unit are related to the follow-up and implementation of the quality plans in the Faculty to ensure the quality of the educational process in the Faculty which includes governance and management, infrastructure, university degree programs, teaching and learning, faculty staff members, community responsibility and any other tasks assigned to the unit of quality management and accreditation at the University.

- - Spreading the culture of quality in college.
- - Evaluation of the educational process by measuring the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty - staff - students - graduates).
- - Supporting the faculty's self-capacity to undertake self-evaluation according to the standards of the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality Assurance.
- - To raise the level of performance in college by applying academic and administrative quality standards.
- - Improving the working environment and supporting the continuous development of the skills of the faculty staff.


"We seek the highest degree of excellence and sustainability in the fields of teaching, scientific research and community service, adopting renewable standards of academic and institutional quality and working to ensure the quality of academic, training, research and administrative programs and the role of departments and their bodies for the evaluation of the local and regional level that enables the university to obtain global academic and institutional accreditation."

Quality Unit


"Effecting the objectives of the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research aiming to improve the quality of the output of its institutions, through promotion, evaluation and sustainability, preparing and qualifying distinguished students and graduates in the various fields of society, and increasing the numbers and areas of research and improving their quality in all areas where society will benefit from it."

Quality Unit

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