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Based on the scientific outputs in the field of information, communication, technology, and the new functions anticipated for forests that maximize its environmental role, as well as its economic role, together with the need to involve and benefit communities and the integration of agricultural, forestry and animal activities, and the endogenous capacity-building that aids in the creativity, development and self-employment, the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Technology has laid its curricula to exemplify forests as living and interacting ecosystems. The role of forests in economic development, the technology of forest-based industrialization, the use of sustainability systems, environmental conservation and the integration of agricultural and natural resources conduced to the Bachelor of Science Programs in this Faculty that aim to equip cadres with knowledge, skills and professional ethics to understand and manage forests, providing them with a strong background in the biological and ecological aspects of coeval forests as well as developing the capabilities of cadres on self-learning and follow-up developments at local, regional and global concerns, planning, implementation and analysis of applied scientific research and self-employment skills.


Consider higher education is fundamental in the development and conservation of natural resources in order to uphold the individual and society and confront issues Life and cosmic physical and the spiritual. It is also an essential input for the acquisition of knowledge related to practical skills. Therefore, Visions Faculty of Science and Technology forests are: 1. Uniqueness in the curriculum to prepare academic and professional frameworks able to develop forest resource according to sustainability and environmental conservation systems 2. Excellence in rehabilitation mode, training, research and community service


Forests face a range of professional challenges relating to maintenance and preservation of habitat and provide a wide range of services Environmental, wood, non-wood products, pulp Aalorq, genetic resources, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat And entertainment, and then the Bachelor of Science programs message in this college is designed to: 1. Rehabilitation of cadres knowledge, skills and professional ethics to understand the management and investment of forests 2. To provide a scientific background in the biological and ecological aspects of contemporary forest 3. Lay a solid foundation for professional work in the Environmental Science and Forestry 4. And problem-solving discovery of new knowledge through innovative research 5. The transfer of knowledge to users and practitioners 6. To provide scientific advice to upgrade Alhdmat in forest

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